Why We are Offering This Exceptional Deal

We worked with hospitals in dozens of countries and found a common failure among all. That is the lack of a vital EMR (Electronic Medical Record) platform. Even in the USA, only 50% of hospitals and few doctors utilize an EMR system. That is due only to the high costs.

A 100 bed hospital can easily spend $12 – $18 million for a versatile EMR system. Recently, the US Veterans Administration signed a contract to have its own EMR written and they are paying an incredible $1 Billion! That is absurd.

As you might tell, we are absolutely livid with the health community for making these critical systems highly unapproachable to most hospitals worldwide. So two years ago we decided to do something just to level the playing field. We invested and designed our own EMR, with an eye to making an extremely affordable lease program, available to hospitals in every country. We even built the finest system in the world and did it in over 20 languages.

You see an EMR structure not only provides patient confidence, it prompts excellence, efficiency, cost savings, increases the patient base and assures accountability in patient care. In today’s world, this is an essential tool. We urge you to enjoy your visit here at www.emrforhospitals.com and prepare to be amazed at the power now available to you today and for a lower cost than you would ever expect to pay. Without a doubt or hesitation, every hospital needs this system as a basic operating platform.

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